Helping people bring their ideas to life is the inspiration for StoreBound

 Evan Dash, CEO.



In August of 2010, I took my kids to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. The museum showcases some of the great inventions that Americans past and present have imagined and brought to life.

Everyday people have incredible ideas all the time. They range from outlandish inventions to the simplicity of a “Why didn’t I think of that?” product. Each product has a story– And hearing what sparked the idea is usually as fascinating as the invention itself.

And now for my simple idea. Create a company of experts that help people (and sometimes companies) bring their ideas to life, and ultimately, sold by retailers all over the globe. That’s StoreBound. Ideas in Store.

Evan Dash, CEO







そして、最終的にはアイディアが製品となり世界中の小売業者を通じて販売されます。すなわち、それがストアバウンドです。アイディアはStore (蓄える)のです。



Dashi is dedicated to helping people

improve their health and wellness with

products that allow them to prepare whole,

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Dash products take the hassle out of

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At Dashi, we're obsessed with health and nutrition.


We beliee the best path to optimal health,

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CEO  エバン・ダッシュ